One’s Perception : Truly One’s Reality?

Harriet Turner’s thought piece:

When thinking about the lessons and advice shared on the topic of Employment Branding, a few key truths stick out in my mind which I think are applicable to the services JDT Recruitment offer; our point of difference; innovations set out to improve our industry.

There are 3 Stages to recruiting the right staff.
1. Attraction,
2. Engagement,
3. Retention.
In recruitment, we’re often focused mainly on the first two stages.

At the #WellyRecMeetup the first point was made by John Rice when he said that often in recruitment (about 90% of the time), the work we do is contingent. Which is to say, as recruiter’s we can’t talk about who the employer is throughout the Attract stage when working with an un-retained brand (contingency process) – and so we must talk about other factors, such as the type of projects or the location or the salary offered.

However, from an employer’s perspective, this is not aligned to what is most useful and beneficial to their company, or to their brand.
As an employer, you will most likely pride yourself  (or I at least HOPE you will) in the culture and working environment of your workplace.

Yes – the work you do and the standard and quality of the projects you deliver are important.
And yes – you also pay your staff well and reward those who are loyal.
But good employers know that both of these things don’t matter unless you have the right people doing your work in the right way.
And as Paul Greenway asked;
What do you stand for?
What do you stake your reputation on?

Your corporate culture, the values you hold and the relationships you keep with stakeholders both within and without of your business are what differentiate you from your competitors – and the right candidate will be someone who understands and fits with that brand.
Your brand matters.

Today we’re lucky enough to have modern tools available to be more effective than ever in our brand campaigning.
Sarah and Vanessa are our Media-whizz’s, and through the industry connections in JDT, we have access to the attention of literally THOUSANDS of people in our industry – all from without leaving our desks.

Furthermore, our day is filled with phone calls, emails and meetings seeking connections within those connections. We constantly and actively search for a conversation with that singular golden needle in the haystack that is going to be the perfect fit for what you need.
Recruitment is a noisy process.

The question is, how much of that noise should be about you?
About your culture?
About what you stand for, your reputation and your employment brand?

If asking a candidate; how do you want to be represented? What is your personal brand? What is your point of difference? Where will you thrive as an individual? Where will you feel most accepted as part of a team?

At JDT, we care about BOTH our candidates and clients; recruitment is a personal business (or it should be).
Because the truth is, we’re not dealing with needles and haystacks, we’re dealing with real three dimensional people with their own values, reputations and way of doing things.
And we’re representing businesses when we do it.

And so going back to the start of this monologue, I would argue that we care about the third stage too.
We don’t just want to Attract and Engage staff for you, but we also want you to Retain them. Much of that is down to your strategy in delivering truth to your branding proposition. You need to walk the walk if we are going to talk the talk.

We want staff to be happy in the role they land.
We want them to do great work and to go on to be your best success story.
Because after it’s all said and done, your success story is our success story – and it is your reputation that is helping build our brand too.

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